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Courageous reform
There can be little doubt we are making progress when it comes to improving further education. More young people and adults than ever are gaining good qualifications ever...
Half of MG Rover workers want to return
Almost a year after the collapse of MG Rover, many former workers are paid less and wish they still worked for the firm, according to a report released today. Of the nea...
Making ends meet
Earning some dosh to get through uni might seem unavoidable, but don't lose sight of the reason you are there: to get a degree. Earning shouldn't mean missing vital lectu...
Young, successful, well paid: are they killing feminism?
Chiara Cargnel wants to have it all: a high-flying career and a successful marriage. So far she is halfway there. At 26, she is an investment banker in London working ove...
The earth man cometh
I am merely the conduit,' says Patrick Holden, director of the Soil Association, when I ask him to sum up his achievement after 10 years in the job. 'The great thinkers, ...
Battle at the coalface
In his television review Rupert Smith described the NUM miners leader Arthur Scargill as "a ghastly little man who needed to be trodden on" (G2, March 23). I suppose he w...
Hutton eases small firms' pension fears
The government will not force employers to contribute to workers' pensions without making efforts to minimise the impact on firms, the work and pensions secretary, John H...
NHS hospital redundancies gather pace
A wave of redundancies across the NHS in England gathered force yesterday when a London teaching hospital announced that nearly 500 posts will be axed in an attempt to di...
Union warning over 'raw' stalls handlers
The Transport and General Workers Union (T&G) yesterday launched a fierce attack on the overall standard of the stalls handlers likely to be working at British racecourse...
Minimum wage to rise to £5.35
The minimum wage will rise by 6% in October to £5.35, the government confirmed yesterday, but it cautioned that the days of big, inflation-beating rises may be over...
Men barred from selling women's lingerie
The Saudi labour ministry has warned shops selling lingerie that from June it will begin inspections to ensure men are not serving customers. Shops that fail to comply wi...
From Fleet Street to Sesame Street
Piers Morgan's post-Daily Mirror jobs portfolio has been anything but predictable. He has lurched from writing best-selling diaries and fronting TV programmes to rent-a-l...
Minimum pay to rise 30p an hour
The minimum wage will increase by 30p to £5.35 an hour from October, the government confirmed today. The rate for workers aged 18 to 21 will rise by 20p to £4....
Gaza gunfights point to fears over PA salaries
Six people were wounded today in fighting in Gaza between Palestinian police and gunmen demanding jobs. Gunmen belonging mainly to Fatah's al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades block...
Justice for all
Pale, male, middle-aged and middle-class: that's the predictable palette of our legal profession. So it's a pleasant surprise to meet a young, black, single mother from s...
Schools to use phonics to teach reading
All schoolchildren in England will be taught to read using the "back-to-basics" method of phonics from September this year, the government announced today. The move come...
Site and sound
1. www.itunes.co.uk Best for: buying music First, in 2001, came the iPod. Then in April 2003, Apple launched the iTunes Music Store. It's easy to forget now but at that...
Cities' leading role in economic growth
A year ago our prime minister and his EU counterparts launched a strategy for growth and jobs which aims to enhance Europe's economic competitiveness by promoting innovat...
Early computer skills
In its report, Harnessing Technology, transforming learning and children's services, published last year, the government set out its strategic approach to teaching inform...
Dole blues
Up to 300,000 students demonstrated throughout France yesterday against a government measure designed to tackle the biggest scourge of the national economy - the 23% unem...
View from a broad
Hurrah for men! Their jobless figures are down 5,000 in a month. Fantastic news. But the unemployment figures are at their highest for three years. How can this be? Incr...
Unemployment rises at fastest rate since 1990s
The number of people drawing unemployment benefit has risen at its sharpest rate since the recession of the early 1990s, figures revealed yesterday. The figures, which p...
Student protesters clash with riot police
Protests spread across France today as thousands of students marched against controversial government reforms intended to reduce unemployment among young people. Univers...
UK unemployment continues to rise
Britain's jobs market weakened in February as the number of people claiming unemployment benefits rose by 14,600, official figures showed today. The Office for National ...
21 million calls to government go unanswered
Twenty-one million callers seeking advice on unemployment and disability benefits failed to get through to new government contact centres last year, a report by the Natio...
British Airways abandons the high street
British Airways will close all 17 high street travel stores as well as its Belfast call centre, it announced today. The move, which reflects the rise of internet booking...
Wanted: one keen clock-watcher
If you're the sort of person who dreams of turning your passion into your life's work, there might be one or two better jobs - curator of a steam train museum, say, or ch...
Where are all the headteachers?
A goodly portion have taken themselves off to the tranquil golden beaches of early retirement. Others resign in search of a job that won't require so much in the way of d...
Fathers fight for family flexi-time
Growing numbers of men are rejecting the culture of working long hours in favour of spending more time at home, according to a study which reveals a social revolution is ...
Anger as top college drops chemistry
The following apology was printed in the Observer's For the record column, Sunday March 19 2006 We repeated a news agency error in the article below when we incorrectly ...
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